A Well-Fed Soul is a compilation of quick, easy to read devotions that encompass my four favorite topics of life….food, faith, family, and fun.

I am Cynthia. I wear many hats. Mom, author, serial entrepreneur, blogger, content creator, and crafter are a few that I consistently wear all while holding down fulltime employment outside of the home.

Your subscription to A Well-Fed Soul encourages me to continue providing weekly Scripturally based devotions that are practical and easily applicable and relatable to the average reader. For that inspiration, I say thank you!

My mission is to simply use this platform to teach and share what the Holy Spirit reveals to me. I am not a seminary graduate and hold no degrees, titles, or accolades. I am a child of the Most High God Elohim with a sole desire to serve His people.

I personally invite you to come along on this journey with me. It’s a smooth ride.


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I hope to make a positive impact on your life by sharing the Good News through my life experiences. Join me on this somewhat autobiographical blogging journey as I share Scripture applicably and practically.


A Well-Fed Soul, a food blog with a biblical twist! I'm Cynthia, the creator. I have combined my two passions to bring you delicious recipes & weekly Bible devotionals. I inspire home cooks to create meals while finding spiritual nourishment.